Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Introduction to Project Free Tap.

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This blog is dedicated  to bringing back Free Clean Drinking Water to all who need it in you Country, State, Provence, City, Town, Village or place of Business.  

Here we will share ideas, Artwork, Signs, methods and resources to meet this simple goal. 

Why you ask? Just ask yourself if in your own town you were broke, homeless, out of work, maybe raged and dirty, perhaps even with children, where could fill up a couple of gallon jugs of clear water without having someone call the police on you?

Project Free Tap aims to answer that question. First starting with someone like you joining the blog and understanding this serious problem. Next with helping get Governments, Parks Cities and local stores to offer a Free Tap Water Tap  everywhere people may be and need it.  

Remember in these hard times the homeless are everywhere. Something as simple as a Project Free Tap poster or sign on your business letting everyone know here is clear water please take some if you need it. This will also let the local police know it is ok for a stranger to stop and fill up their bottle perhaps at the back of your place of business 24/7.

We will be creating posters and sign artwork that you can download. Soon we will have out door quality signs you can order. We will be looking for sources of hardware like self shutting of push for you to use on your standard water line so water will not be wasted.

There will be a list of all companies and cities that support Project Free Tap. Please join us today it is free join the blog. Share the blog, share the dream and please share the WATER. 
Your George King project creator.

This project was inspired by Richard Geller and his goal of

Why don't we commit to do One Good Thing Together?

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